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Natural Born Procrastinator

In my last post you could read about how I started to make money online long long time ago in year 2000.

After it finished, I changed my focus from MMO to betting. For about 11 years, everything in my life was about betting. It was my job, my hobby, my free time. Many nights I woke up just to check results. I had amazing success in first few years. In my best year my turnover was about $800k and my winnings were about $80k.

My mistake was that I spent almost all my winnings and bought apartment. I was left with just a part of that money for betting, and that’s when struggling began. After great 5, 6 years, it all fell apart slowly. My passion about betting went down, but at the same time I still had a need to bet. Until finally I decided it doesn’t make sense anymore, and I completely stopped.

It was at the end of the 2013 when I said no to betting and yes to making money online. So I bought my first domain name with a plan to start a blog. I wanted to write and follow everything I learned about making money online on my blog. But as natural procrastinator,  I didn’t follow my plans. I always planned – I will start to write next week, next month, next year… And it never happened – until this week!

I knew blogging will take time, but I also knew it will be useful for me. But I didn’t do it.. I continued to follow shiny objects week by week, month by month.


So, in first 2, 3 months of 2014 I did a few things. First one is covered here, and in next post I’ll speak about next things I did, so stay tuned!

One of the first thing I learned while searching for make money online opportunities was about making niche sites. So I decided to make one in snoring niche. On (now I ordered 10 articles for my new site about snoring – Than I ordered a logo from I found 5 products about snoring that I will promote on my website.


I found those products on this affiliate networks:

Unfortunately, doesn’t have in their archive, but it was actually nice looking site 🙂


Number of visitors: about 30

Number of sales: 0

What did I learn?

So the idea was great and people are making lots of money with different niche sites.

What did I do wrong? It took me about a month to finish my snoring website. I didn’t promote it. Actually I spent about $10 on Bing Ads or something similar and I gave up.

So definitely I should and could do much better. $10 on Bing is actually nothing, so I should have invested more. Also, I should have promoted it on different forums, blogs or similar. I didn’t know, but more likely, didn’t even try to learn how to promote my new website. I was lazy, scared of  change and stupid for wasting my time and money without doing everything necessary needed to produce some results!

My second mistake was, although this model is good, and if I didn’t have results with snoring, there are thousands of different niches. After 3, 5 or 10 tries, there would be at least one successful site that would made money. But I stopped. As you read yesterday, that’s something I do (hopefully I did) too often.

This is just a start, in my next posts I will write about almost 10 more things I tried and mostly failed. I will show you what I learned from those failures so you don’t repeat them!

If you want to see what am I doing now and what works really amazing for me, after almost 2 years of trying to do bunch of stuff, check it out here.

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