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How To Find And Choose A Hungry Niche

How To Choose a Profitable Niche

There are different approaches on how to make money with affiliate marketing. But, there is one method that is above the rest.

You need to build a list of buyers and then sell products and solutions that they are eager to buy.

But, before you find a product that you will promote, find a hungry niche that is ready to buy and buy again. Then all you need to do is put yourself between them and the right offer. If you do that right, you’re golden!

How To Find A Hungry Niche

Brainstorm to come up with niche ideas. Make a list of niches that you are already interested or passionate about.

How to uncover potential niches?

Use keyword tools like,, Google Keywords Tool to come up with ideas. Start with broad keywords:

How To

This will help you reveal hundreds of possible niches!

Look around you!

Pay attention – watch the news, follow advertisements, find business ideas, problems and solution – everything that comes on your mind. This way you will discover even more niche ideas!
See what your friends and family are talking about, what are they buying, what are their hobbies… What are they passionate about?

Now do the same for you – what are your hobbies? What are you passionate about? Things you like to do? What you like to spend money on?

How To Choose A Hungry Niche

This sounds difficult, but actually it’s not.

Just follow the money!

If you find that lots of marketers are spending money on paid advertisements – bingo – you’ve find a profitable niche. And if you find that people are purchasing products in the niche regularly, then it’s clear that the niche is profitable.

Here are few ways to uncover this signs. Do your market research using the following

Enter your broad keywords (“cooking”, “golf”, “gardening”) into the search box.

If you can see lots of books and products in the results and multiple books competing on the same topics and similar competing products, that’s a great sign!


On Clickbank marketers are selling digital products – ebooks, video courses and similar. If you find a lot of products in your niche category and at they are popular, that is a good sign.
On Clickbank popularity is determined by Gravity. It shows how many affiliates have sold this products in last 2 weeks. Higher the Gravity, more sales of the product (but don’t take this blindly and test some products). High gravity is good indicator that product sells good, but it’s not a proof that a product with low gravity will not sell.

3. Search

Enter some of the broad keywords from your niche. Take a look at “sponsored ads”. If you don’t see ads there, or just a few, that’s a bad sign.

You want to see all the spots taken to be sure that your niche is good. All spots taken means that marketers are spending money on ads.

Now that you found 2, 3 niches with lots of buyers, it’s best to choose your favorite one and start from there.

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