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How I Learned To Write Books For Kindle

Let’s continue with story about my journey in Internet Marketing since year 2000. 🙂

Last time I was talking about how I created a niche website and what I didn’t do to make it work.

Somewhere at the same time when I was preparing my first niche site, somehow I found out that people are making huge money publishing books on Amazon Kindle. So I thought why not. My english isn’t great and I really hate that, but that was the only hurdle I thought would be hard to pass.

After little research and few articles read, somehow I stumbled on one course that explains everything about this process. It is named Kindling, and there is everything you need to know about publishing on Kindle. Also, there is amazing private Facebook group with great community of highly successful people that help each other.

On 31st January 2014 I bought that course – it was first one of many bought in next 18 months.

So I started to follow all the lessons, and I prepared my book. It was called 2 Clicks 4 Success, and I published it very quick actually – at the end of March. I created nice cover and bought proofreading gig on Fiverr.

Basically, to have success with Kindle, most important is to have a series of books, where your first book should be free (there are method in Kindling course how to make it free). I had a great plan about creating few more books, so after making first book permanently free, it would all work really good, and I didn’t have to do too much special promotion on my end (but it helps for sure).

Again, I didn’t do what I knew I had to do! I started something, but finished only partially. If you join Kindling course, you can start this business, learn how to outsource books, learn all the best methods to have your books sold. Potential is huge – many people in private Facebook group are making $100k per month, while some make much much more!

I sold 5 books! in 18 months 🙂 What would happen if I followed all my plans, it’s hard to say for sure – but according to other people results and what I learned about Kindle, I’m pretty sure with 4 books while first being free, it wouldn’t be a problem to get $100 or $200 per month with 3 books (probably more).

If you want to start long term business and focus on publishing books on Kindle, I highly recommend Kindling course. You will learn really everything you need to do. You don’t have to know how to write, you will also learn how to outsource your books!

Really amazing system and I can say that I’m sorry I didn’t finish what I was planning to do, because it can be really great business with passive income where you can outsource your books so you can spend few hours a week while still get amazing results.

Discover how to start making money with Kindle books – get Kindling course here.

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