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Can it be easier? First dollars after less than 60 minutes!

Just to make it more interesting and to show you how easy it is to start, I will teach you how to earn your first dollars using iWriter in the next few hours. Don’t worry about the money and small earnings at this moment. You should learn how this site works so you can use it later for your new online business (Module 6).


But, nobody is stopping you from making as much as $600 – $1000+ per month using this website only. In this module, I will be covering all the tips and tricks on how to make this work for you, fast!

iWriter explained



Articles are always in high demand. iWriter is a website that connects people who need articles written for them with people that write articles. So, after you sign up, you can use your account to find writers to write content for you or you can make money by writing articles for iWriter members. Now, you will earn your first few dollars writing one article, but after you finish reading this book, you will be on the other side, searching for people to write content for you.


How to earn first 2,03$ quick

If you can speak English, then you can write English! If you can write English, you can write articles and earn $2.43 quick. You need to write the article with a minimum of 500 words and be paid only $2.43. I know, it’s just a little money, but if you have decent knowledge of English, you will be able to quickly advance to a Premium, Elite, or Elite plus writer. Elite and Premium writers can earn much more. The table below will show you how much you can earn, and why it’s in your interest to advance as quick as you can to premium, elite or elite plus.



Words No.: 150 300 500 700 1000
Standard $1.01 $1.62 $2.43 $4.05 $6.08
Premium $2.23 $3.65 $4.46 $5.79 $8.51
Elite $3.44 $5.67 $8.1 $10.13 $14.99
Elite Plus $9.72 $30.78 $48.6



After you signup/login to your account, you will be able to start in 1 minute. On the right side of the main page, under your balance, you will see the link “Make money by writing articles.” It will take you to the page with all articles available to be written. As a new member, you cannot write elite or premium article (they are first jobs offered – on top of the page). The only articles that you can write are from standard category.






You can make $52.65 for 1 article of 700 words when you get to Elite Pro level.



For a 150 words article, he will pay you $9.72. Notice that there 34 jobs available!


For example, if you write 10 articles of 300 words for $1.62 in 1 day for 30 days, you will make $486 using a Standard account. But, I will show you how to advance to Premium and Elite very quickly. This way you will be able to make much more, while writing same amount of content.

Writing article explained

You will usually have 2 – 5 hours to write 1 article (150 – 1000 words). For a start, try to find a subject or article that you are more familiar with so you don’t need to google too much. If there is no subject like that, I’m sure you can write article on any subject without a problem. Just use 400 – 500 words articles are really easy to write. If English is your first language, you can finish it in 30 minutes. If English is not your first language, don’t worry. Use a spell checker program like Microsoft Word or Google Documents on Google Drive to check spelling. Read it carefully, 2 – 3 times before you send it in. If you do everything as described, your “employer” will not have any reason not to give you 5 stars.

Important advice

Never copy/paste article from Internet, you will surely be banned immediately. There is this nice website called Copyspace. It can find if your article is original in just a few seconds.

Go to Premium or Elite in 7 days

If you want to earn more money using iWriter, you must be promoted to Premium status – write 25 articles with an average of 4.1 stars or higher. To be promoted to elite status, you must have 30 ratings and an average of 4,6 stars or higher. So if you want to earn more money on iWriter, take it seriously from the start, because if you receive 1 star, it will take you long time to correct your average stars number.

When you have a chance to be Premium or Elite writer, you can earn a very nice sum of money. For example, if you write 2 articles – 1000 words that pay you $8.51 in 1 day, you can make $17.02 in 1 day, and 510.6$ per month.


If you manage to become Elite writer, if you write 2 articles of 1000 words in 1 day, after 1 month you will be able to make $899,4.


If you manage to become Elite Plus writer, for 1 article of 1000 words your earnings will be $48.60! That will make you $1458 by writing 1 article per day!


So, if you take it seriously enough, iWriter can be a nice place to make you extra money, or it can even become your main source of income.



Tips and tricks to become Premium/Elite



Rating Minimum no. of ratings
Premium 4.1 25
Elite 4.6 30
Elite Plus 4.85 40



To become a Premium writer and earn much more money, you will need to write 25 articles with average ratings 4.1 minimum. My kind recommendation for you is to focus to become Premium as soon as possible. You can become one in 1 week if you follow this simple tips:


  1. Always write quality articles. Never send in articles with typos. After finishing, always read your article at least 2 times before sending it.
  2. When you choose your project, every requester has average number of approved articles next to his name. You should choose only those that have at least 70% of approved articles.
  3. Start with 150 words when you are Standard writer. Remember, you are now focusing on receiving a lot of ratings, not on making money. Ratings are worth the same, no matter if you wrote 150 or 1000 words article.
  4. To avoid rejection of your article, contact your client immediately after submitting your article. Ask them if you need to correct something.



How to finish your article quick



If you have instructions from your client, always follow them. If he provides you only with a title, then you can follow these simple guidelines:


When you have title of your article, you should go to Amazon books and find a similar book that is connected with your subject. For every book on Amazon, you can see the first 10% of content, including table of contents. Depending on the length of your article, choose 3-6 subtitles that are most relevant to your main title.


If you are writing a 1000 words article, you will have:


Introduction – 15o words

Subtitles  5 x 150 words = 750

Conclusion 150 words

Total 1050 words


For every subtitle, find articles using google. Read them and write a 150 word summary using your own words. Done! After some time when you master this, you will be able to write faster and faster.


Better writing → Better jobs → More money!

iWriter Alternatives

Later, you will learn how to be on the other side. How to start earning money buying articles from iWriter. You will be able to work less and make much more money. Of course, iWriter is not the only website that you can use and earn money for writing. If you find out that you are especially talented for this job, you can earn a steady income only from writing articles. There are many sites similar to iWriter. Here are few most important:

  1. Online Writing Jobs
  2. Content BLVD
  3. Textbroker
  4. EpicWrite
  5. Bublews
  6. Scripted
  7. Great Content
  8. EduWriters
  9. Writer Access
  10. Content Authority
  11. Zerys


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