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My Story

Hi! Thanks for visiting !
As you probably guessed, my name is Kresimir and I’ll use this space to tell you few words about me, and how I’m going to help you with my blog.

I’m from Croatia, small country in Eastern Europe. I have a wife from Vietnam and we have a beautiful daughter. We met during one of my trips around the world. It was cold winter in my country, so I traveled through Asia – Thailand, Cambodia and finally Vietnam. Those were last days of my trip when we met in Hanoi. And the rest is history 🙂

At that time, I was betting every day, for more than 10 years. But first, let’s go back to year 2000.

Somewhere in 1999 I managed to connect to something new and amazing – Internet. It was so slow and hard to get into – usually I had to wait 10 pm, beacuse that was the time when I could get connection faster (that meant it was sure I will connect withinh 15 – 45 minutes) using dial up. But it was always so great if I could get online in less than 30 minutes after starting to call using dial up.

From day 1, I was hooked. It didn’t take me long time to start creating websites – about my city where I lived, about sports, music, everything I enjoyed doing at that time. All of those sites ended up reviewed in different newspapers and magazines and it made me very proud!

But, after some time I started to search for the ways to make money online. Somehow, I found few websites that offered lots of different CPA, PPL, free coupons, software, and similar. They payed from $0,50, sometimes even $30 for simple email submit or some small data from traffic I sent to them.

At that time I was student and months where I made about $2k were hard to believe. I created about 2, 3 webistes and it was all amazing for almost 2 years. Suddenly, those companies stopped paying so much, some even stopped working – 15 years later, I know that only Commission Junction survived.

So my business almost overnight went close to nothing. And suddenly, I gave up. I didn’t think that I should adapt to what is coming and continue doing something similar. I simply gave up. One of the most stupid decisions of my life 🙂

What happened was I found betting. And for 5 years I was extremely successful with it! At the same time, I started web site about betting and community. It was the most popular betting site in my country and all the countries around. But, I never thought that I could make a living out of it. It was just a small hobby that I slowly stopped working on. Oh, how wrong I was!

Unfortunately, at that time, like few years before, I just thought that one day soon I will need to get a 9-5 job and work until I’m ready to retire, about 40 years later 🙂 So very fast I started working in a betting company. I continued betting, working at my job and less and less on my website. What a huge mistake I did, again! After 5, 6 years my betting website died. I was guilty! But still, even today I get some commissions for affiliate programs I promoted there.

5, 6 years of betting went great with huge profits, but I was bored and addicted. I lost the passion to analyze and follow all the news and stats. So I started to lose money, and I did it for years. In the meantime I traveled around the world and visited total of 30+ countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, India, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Latvia, Tunisia, Norway, England, France, Belgium, Spain just to name a few !).

Somewhere at the end of 2013, I decided to stop. As we got married, and soon we were waiting for our daughter to be born, I had to change something. What I did was, got back to start another online business(es).

You can read more about how I started again here.

So what I have for you?

I learned many things since I started, tested and tweaked and spent a lot of money on mentores and courses.

So I want to teach you everything I know and help you to understand this ‘online world’. There are many ways to make a living from this, I kow a few and that’s what I will focus on. There are and will be many posts, tutorials, guides and recommendations about that. Also, I will always be avaliable through email, Facebook, Skype and answer to your questions.