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3 Keys That Will Make Your List A Selling Machine That Collects Cash

No doubt that you encountered countless vending machines in your life, so you know how it works.

Basically, the person who owns this vending machine puts something into the machine like candy, chips, soda, toys or other goodies. Then the vendor stops by the machine about once a week to collect cash.

So it’s simple – you put something in and you get something back. It’s so simple, almost perpetual, business model.

So why does this concept work so well?


Both seller and buyer walk away happy with a reward.



So how can we bring this concept online?

Easiest way to do this is by email newsletter. You can spend a few minutes every day putting something new in your email. If you can do it right, every day you can get cash from your emailing list.


Can you imagine building a huge responsive list that collects cash the same way the vending machine does. But, most of marketers build lists, but they never see a return.


If this sounds familiar, I assure you that it’s not your fault. It’s just that nobody taught you a good strategy to build a responsive list that collects cash with every email you send.



So here are three email marketing tips that will help you learn the right way to build highly responsive, cash producing list


Key No. 1 – Targeting

It’s the first key. Vendors offline know that key to big profits is a location of their machine.

That’s not different for you and your mailing list! To make lots of money, you need to build a list of highly targeted prospects.


Key No. 2 – Trust

Did you ever put a money in a vending machine, without getting anything back? If that happened, you probably didn’t give another try to that machine.

The same key can be applied to your list. You must give what you promised to your subscribers. You must build a relationship and earn their trust. Once you do that, they will start buying from you.


Key No. 3  – Value

Have you ever seen those vending machines (for example at airports) that charge as much as twice what you see in other places? It kind of ticks you off, doesn’t it?

Again, the same is correct with your list. No matter if you’re offering free or paid content, your goal it to give valuable solution for good price so you and your subscriber walk away happy. Even better, you should seek to overdeliver, and gain loyal subscriber and customer.




How would you feel if your mailing list would make such a results? One email = Lost of $$$! Just thing about proven concepts of vending machine and use them to build trust and give value to your list and you’re golden!


Start now and don’t waste your valuable time in search for one button get rich schemes, because this stuff works!

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