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3 Easy Ways To Create Content

3 Easy Ways To Create Content

3 Easy Ways To Create ContentStruggling to make content for your blog, informational product or email list? I will show you few easy and fast ways to create it by yourself or outsource it.


  • Write it by yourself

‘Cheapest’ if you don’t have money to invest into creating your product. Later you will learn that 20% of your time you should spend into creating your content, maximum 20%, and other time you should be selling.

This is important to know because it’s really easy and cheap to get good content written. But, if you decided to do it, here is an example how I wrote my book in 7 days. After I decided it will be a book, outlined it, my plan was to write about 4000 words. I wanted to finish in a week so I decided that I will write 600 words every day, that’s 4200 words in a week. Because I knew everything I needed to know about topic of my book, I could write it very easy and fast. It took me about 30 minutes per day to do as planned.

Because english isn’t my main language, I wanted to make sure that it’s properly edited, so I outsourced that on Fiverr. You can ask a friend or family to do that for you.


  • Outsource it

There are lots of websites that will help you do that. Here are few that I have used, and always received a great content:


https://www.upwork.com/ (odesk)


You will need a little common sense when you search for your outsourcer. Check if they already created some content, check their testimonials, make sure they are not completely new. Ask them for some of their work before you give them the job.

  • Use PLR

You will find already done product same or similar as your topic and you will change it. Improve it, add your name to it, do whatever you like.

There are few types of products that you can find.

There are hundreds of websites that sell PLR rights for info products. It means that when you buy rights, usually you can change everything and put your name on it. Problem with PLR is that they are usually of lower quality, very short and / or very old. I found it easiest to combine 2, 3 PLR’s into one product, but sometimes I find it really difficult and what happens is that I start to think that it would be easier that I did it all by myself. But sometimes I run into really good products that don’t need too much changes..

There are lots of types of products, here are descriptions:

BRR – basic resell rights

you can sell the product as your own, but your customer has no rights to resell

MRR – master resell rights

You have permission to pass on the rights to resell. Also, your customer has the rights to resell. Usually you are not allowed to change the content of MRR.

PLR – Private label rights

You can change the product anyway you like and out your name on it as an author

Every product has instructions about how you can use it, so please check before you start using it.

Here are few websites with good PLR’s:



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